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We offer a wide range of the best commercial equipment in the market, new or ex-rental. You can check the new machines available in our product tab and call us for availability of our ex-rental stock.

Removal and disposal of old broken equipment as well as delivery and installation of new equipment within the Sydney Metro area is included in our quoted price.

Machine Repair

We specialize in the repair of commercial laundry equipment at a very competitive price, offering written quotes beforehand if needed.

Spare Parts

Spare parts are available for commercial laundry equipment. Call us for a price and availability.


Maintenance and Repair of Laundry Equipment in Unit Share Laundries

Upon a written work order, we can repair commercial laundry equipment in unit share laundries at a service call charge. There is no charge to our coin operated sites.

We can also offer advice to improve the share laundry facilities with adequate commercial laundry equipment made to handle intensive usage by many different customers. With this, share laundries are taken care of by us and become our concern, allowing busy Strata Managers to focus on other pending strata issues.

Sale of Commercial Laundry Equipment

Upon request, we can quote to sell adequate commercial equipment including delivery, installation and removal of old equipment to the unit share laundries of buildings managed by you.

Rental and Free Coin Rental Services

As described in more detail in the rental section, we can offer Rental or Free Coin Rental of washers and dryers. We inspect the sites, laundry facilities and issue quotes within a short time frame for your convenience. If the Owner’s Corporation accepts our services, as part of our installation procedures, a sign is put up on the laundry with a 1800 free call number so that the residents can contact us directly for service, freeing their strata managers of extra calls!

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